Are you interested in being a brand ambassador for Dapper Den Grooming? 

1. Must have a social media presence & are active on the platforms that you choose to have. Both Facebook & Instagram are preferred but can also use others if so desired.

2. Must include somewhere in your social media profile(s) that you are a brand ambassador for Dapper Den Grooming.

3. Brand ambassadors must post 2 times a week at the minimum. We know each person is their own individual so just be you, have fun with it and be creative. If you are local we can also provide you with assistance with professional photos of yourself for content.

4. Dapper Den Grooming will provide you with a list of hashtag(#) options to pick from. You may use other hashtags but we do want the ones we provide to be used as well.

5. Communication is very important between brand ambassadors and Dapper Den Grooming. To make things simple we will utilize Facebook messenger for our brand ambassadors group.

6. Representing DDG as brand ambassador we ask that you conduct yourself accordingly. Be respectful, polite, basically be a gentleman.

7. If brand ambassadors are not able to conduct themselves in a professional manner or are unable to meet the minimum requirements we will, unfortunately, have to remove your brand ambassador status. We don’t want this and know you don’t as well!

Brand Ambassador

The perks of being a brand ambassador for Dapper Den Grooming include: 

1. You will receive free product! Everyone loves free stuff! Each month you will be sent sample size bottles of your choice of our products. Any new products will be sent for your private review. We ask that you just be honest with your review when receiving new product. Your honesty will help us produce the best possible product for our customers.

2. Each brand ambassador will accumulate points for purchases made. Each brand ambassador will receive a unique code example: (NATE21). This code will be used by your followers when purchasing product, the total of that sale will go towards Nate’s points balance. Every $5 equals (1) point. Example: a customer purchased $15 of product which earns you (3) points when they enter your discount code. Your points can be used to redeem a gift card, direct payment, or paid PayPal.

Brand Ambassador

Additional information

1. As we grow and evolve DDG may change/add perks as well as requirements. We want this to be as rewarding as possible for our brand ambassadors. This is something new to us as a company and ask for your patience/input/ideas as we progress.

2. Brand ambassadors will be required to sign a confidentiality form due to the exposure of inside information of Dapper Den Grooming.

If you like free stuff shoot us an email. We look forward to working with you.