DDG’s custom lathering brushes make the perfect gift for the dapper gentlemen in your life - even if that dapper gentleman is you! Each brush is handmade in southern Missouri from your choice of wood and finishes, making it truly unique to each owner. The brush is finished using the highest quality badger knots for an extra soft feel against your skin and better water retention. This creates a rich, creamy lather for the perfect shave.


Made to last, you can hand down your custom lathering brush to the future dapper gentlemen of your offsprings’ generations.


Finest quality badger knots

Choice of Cherry, Walnut, or Oak handles

Custom made in St-Louis, Missouri


What’s the best way to use a Lathering Brush?

On a wet brush, apply some shaving cream and saturate the brush. Then, apply the shaving cream to your face using a circular motion to create a rich lather, then shave. The brush helps soften the skin, raise the hairs and creates greater lubrication for a close, gentle shave.

Use it with:

Obviously, you can’t use this brush on its own (unless you like to feel how soft the bristles are against your cheek, that is…). You’ll need some shaving cream or our super-duper organic soaps.