Gents, this beard comb is sure to razz your berries: custom-made for DDG’s master barber, this beard comb is the perfect tool to maintain, untangle and style your face-mane. Carved out of the finest quality Sandalwood, this exotic wood reduces static electricity and leaves a pleasant woody aroma that lasts all day long. We even made it small enough to slip into a normal-sized pocket, so you can make sure your beard looks sleek even after a strong wind.

What’s the best way to use the Double-Duty Beard Comb?

Because it’s small enough to slip into a pocket, whip it out Hollywood-movie style. You’ll look fierce as all get-out.

Use it with:

If you don’t like getting your hands too dirty, use it to help distribute DDG oils, butters and balms evenly throughout the beard.
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