Benefits of Organic Beard Balm - Dapper Den Grooming

Benefits of Organic Beard Balm - Dapper Den Grooming

Benefits Of Organic Beard Balm - Dapper Den Grooming

There are many who still wonder if beard balm comes with any real benefits or if it is any different from a beard oil. In this article, we are going to discuss all you need to know about beard balm.

How is it different from beard oil?

Beard balms come with all the benefit of beard oil along with additional ingredients like beeswax and shea butter. Therefore it would not just help in retaining all the perks of beard oil but also allows you to shape, tame and keep the beard in place.

Any good beard balm should come with the following 4 ingredients- beeswax, carrier oil, butter and essential oil. In order to understand the advantages of beard balm you first needs to know about the benefits of each of these ingredients.

Beeswax: The beeswax not only helps you get a better hold of your beard but also helps in the locking of moisture provided by the other elements of the balm.

Butter: The extremely moisture rich shea butter keeps the beard moisturized all-around the day and its presence helps in the easy application of the product.

Carrier oils: The carrier oil which is extracted from various kinds of plants like sweet almond, argan etc. is the core ingredient of the balm which provides nourishment to your beard.

Essential Oils: They are another essential component of any beard balm the purpose of which is to provide the aroma. Essential oils infuse the balm with a range of scents like citrus, peppermint, lemongrass etc.

Benefits of using beard balm:

Benefits Of Organic Beard Balm - Dapper Den Grooming

  • They help to treat beard dandruff:

One of the most common annoyances of growing a beard is beardruff. Once the beard starts to grow it tends to dry out leading to the birth of beardruff. The butter and carrier oil content of your beard balm would effectively help to control beard dandruff by thoroughly moisturizing your beard. The balm creates a layering on the beard and holds it in its proper place.

  • They keep your beard soft:

One of the major reasons why more and more beard growers are resorting to beard balm is because of their softening properties. Regular application of beard balm would keep the hairs soft and healthy and help to prevent knots and tangles. In other words, the beard is going to look a lot more presentable. You no longer need to be bothered about dry and frizzed out hair. Make sure to treat your beard with some balm before you go to any special event like a wedding, a date, a nightclub or even an interview. Another benefit of having a soft beard is the prevention of split ends.

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