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Dapper Den Grooming makes the finest men’s grooming products you can find, adapting the comfort of retro barbershops for 21st century life. Our handcrafted hair and beard products are made from the finest quality, 100% organic ingredients and made in small batches for the highest quality final product. From beard oils to pomades, soaps to shaving accessories, DDG’ll get you looking dapper and feeling awesome - Show-Me State style.


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Slick Styles At Affordable Prices

For the full DDG experience, you can also get styled in our mobile barbershop - a fully renovated and retrograded 1977 Airstream. Our experienced barbers use the best tools (mainly DDG grooming products) to create a slick-styled dapper look that’ll make you look and feel good. With affordable prices and the convenience only a mobile barbershop can give, stepping into our digs will have you rolling back through time to an era where barbershops felt warm and comforting.



Why Dapper Den Grooming Is The Bee’s Knees

You mean other than the hippest fully renovated and retrograded 1977 Airstream?

We wanted to keep the familial comfort of a barbershop but adapt it to a 21st century life. Time is money and you ain’t got all day - DDG is the souped up version of the usual barbershop. And if that’s not good enough, try out our 100% organic and handmade products, guaranteed to get you looking nifty and smelling dreamy!